Unlimited Business Cards Design - Unlimited Design On Demand (2024)


Within the next 12 hours, you could be in business for only $99...


Get into business in arguably the fastest, easiest and simplest way possible buy acquiring this brand new creative design agency today - and you don’t even need to be a designer!

If you’re fed up of working for someone else, you want to start a side-project or indeed yearn for a full-time income which you’re in command of, it’d be wise to consider buying and owning this Unlimited Creative Agency for sale.

It’s a venture where stability meets creativity, offering a business model which has demonstrated the potential for a significant recurring monthly income. There’s a tangible prospect for committed entrepreneurs to achieve revenues of $150,000 per month.


Why buy this new creative agency today?

  • Own the business you work for, paying only $99 today.
  • Get this exact business, including this multi-award winning website, within 12 hours from now.
  • You can use this store to sell monthly design packages (productised service model) resulting in recurring monthly income and a scalable business model
  • This business is primed for immediate sales from the first day you own it.
  • Enjoy complete control with this WebFlow platform based, no-code website.
  • You can customise this store easily and add your portfolio to make the store unique
  • No design skills required! Scale the business effortlessly by outsourcing order fulfilment to third-party providers. We show you how.
  • Benefit from low operational costs with a monthly WebFlow hosting fee of just $29.
  • Ideal for both new entrepreneurs and experienced business owners looking to broaden their portfolio.
  • Work from anywhere. All orders are fulfilled digitally.


Own this exact Multi-award winning website to professionally represent your services today

Unlimited Business Cards Design - Unlimited Design On Demand (1)

This business for sale comes with the exact multi-award winning website as seen here at Start My Design Agency. This website has won:

  1. CSSDesign Awards: Best UI(User Interface) Design
  2. CSSDesign Awards: Best UX(User Experience) Design
  3. CSSDesign Awards: Best Innovation
  4. CSSDesign Awards: Special Design Kudos. "Special Kudos is a professional 'pat on the back' for exemplary work that deserves recognition irrespective of winning"
  5. CSSNectar:Site Of The Day

→ PRICE:WAS$25,500

Now $995

↳ Pay $99 Today

↳ Pay $896 only when you get your first paying monthly subscriber (this heavily reduces your financial risk as you'll sell your first monthly design plan for much higher than the outstanding cost for this business (e.g. you can sell your first design plan for $1,995). There is no time limit to find your first paying customer.

This business is non-exclusive, meaning that we sell the same exact business multiple times. An exclusive version of this business would typically be priced above $25,500. However, by choosing our offering, you're bypassing a substantial financial hurdle often encountered in entrepreneurship. This choice equates to an impressive 97% savings off of the standard cost for designing and developing a heavily animated Webflow, such as this.

We save you time and money.

→ Choosing a non-exclusive business model is key in reducing your financial risk, a vital consideration given the high failure rate of new ventures.

→ We believe that buying and owning a non-exclusive business is arguably the easiest, safest and fastest way possible to make money online.

→ Even though the business template you'll receive is pre-designed, it's effortlessly customizable. You can easily alter colors, fonts, images, and more to create something distinctly yours. For guidance on how to do this, check out our "Customize" tab.


How much money can I make?

When you acquire this business, it will be made for you on order. Brand new. However the ‘unlimited design as a subscription’ business model is making some people $1.8M per year.

This model offers a viable path for those seeking to venture into a new business industry with an established success history.

→ Example earnings:

$287,280+ revenue per year if you’re a designer

If you set the monthly rate for unlimited design services at $1,995, whereby the bulk of this income goes directly to you as the designer and business owner (subtracting payment processing and optional marketing costs), you can realistically anticipate gaining one new client each month using direct email outreach.

Over the span of a year, with each customer paying $1,995 monthly, your monthly earnings could reach $23,940 (this does not account for acquiring new clients to offset customer churn). Annually, this amounts to a revenue of $287,280. Interestingly, this income is comparable to the salaries of some NASA astronauts!

$201,024, revenue per year if outsourcing all design tasks

If you are not a designer, you can outsource all of the design work to freelancers or another agency.

Suppose you decide to outsource design tasks to KIMP, which charges $599 monthly for unlimited design services. If you then charge your customers $1,995 monthly, your profit would be $1,396 for each customer per month. By acquiring just one new customer each month, not including replacing for churn, you could be looking at an annual revenue of around $287,280 after the first 12 months, equating to a monthly profit of $16,752, or $201,024 annually. This income level far surpasses the average income in the USA.


Why buy from us?

  • We help entrepreneurs who want to make money online by starting a new business in the easiest and fastest way possible, by selling pre-made businesses on a non-exclusive basis.
  • Leverage our experience in successfully selling over 1,700 new businesses across multiple industries.
  • Acquire this business within 12 hours, subject to provision of necessary information for transfer.
  • Receive support from our dedicated full-time professional team.


All the essentials to kickstart a top-tier design agency:

All inclusive:

  • Stunning, heavily animated homepage, utilising modern design trends to reduce bounce rate and increase conversions. This is a business you would be proud to promote.
  • 120x product service pages to aid customers in educating what it is you can design for them
  • Help centre with 30x articles about how you operate
  • Careers / job centre to aid with hiring creative staff if you wish to build you own team. This includes a career collection page, job listing page and job apply pages. (Tip: Even if you’re not planning on hiring, having a career page with visible vacancies makes your company appear professional!)
  • A well animated about us page, labelled “Our ethos” to help build trust
  • Contact us page which is used to collect customer information and screen potential customers
  • Pricing page to help explain what it is you offer and how you can help. You can choose to offer whatever you wish, change the prices and currency as you see fit
  • Terms and conditions pages to be compliant (make sure you edit accordingly)


The Ultimate Marketing Bundle Expansion Pack

Available at checkout for +$179

  • 15x landing pages, all based on the homepage design, but are written specifically for the following demographics to help you better attract and educate your target audiences: Entrepreneurs, Business owners, Event planners, Cafes and bars, Restaurants, Non-profits, Product designers, Estate agents, Social media managers, Authors, Developers, Content creators, Small businesses, Marketing agencies and Startups
  • Add a professional blog, with 150x pre-written blog posts (AI) to help educate your customers and to be found online. The blog posts are designed around the AIDA marketing funnel model: 60x Attention blog posts, 40x Interest blog posts, 30x Desire blog posts and 20x Action blog posts.
  • Coming soon page: If you’re planning on spending some time customising your store, this coming soon page will come in handy and will collect email addresses from potential customers who visit your store.

Note: You will need to purchase the Marketing Bundle Expansion Pack when you make your first order, as this can not be added to an existing store once your order has been fulfilled.

Canva Brand Pack:

Available after checkout for +$89

Get a kickstart on your marketing and communication efforts with our Canva Brand Pack, which is all designed in the same style with the same branding as our website (you can easily edit all colours and text in Canva):

+ Brand Guidelines

+ 30x square Instagram posts

+ 30x tall social posts (Instagram stories)

+ 30x rectangle social posts for Facebook, LinkedIn, X (Twitter)

+ 4x Social media banner designs

+ 10x Video ads

+ 12x Google display ad designs

+ Website image templates

+ Business Card template

+ Flyers template

+ Invoice template

Unlimited Business Cards Design - Unlimited Design On Demand (2)


How to manage and operate this business


What are you selling?

You’ll sell unlimited graphic design subscriptions (with video editing if you wish). You can target a wide range of customers, based wherever you are, who would need recurring design assets (businesses and agencies), of which have a disposable marketing or operations budget and don’t want the hassle of hiring an in-house design team.

The subscription model ensures that acquiring a new client results in a consistent, recurring customer base each month, establishing a dependable, scalable, and steady stream of income.


Who are you selling to?

Your customer base will encompass individuals or businesses in need of recurring design services. Given that you'll primarily target businesses, they often have a higher budget for such services compared to individuals. How many of these potential clients can you identify within a 10-mile radius of your current location? Likely, there are quite a substantial number:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business owners
  • Event planners
  • Cafes and bars
  • Restaurants
  • Non-profits
  • Product designers
  • Estate agents
  • Social media managers
  • Authors
  • Developers
  • Content creators
  • Small businesses
  • Marketing agencies
  • Startups


How to complete orders:

  1. Drive targeted traffic to your store.
  2. Customers choose a design subscription and express interest via the contact page.
  3. Set up an automatic, recurring monthly subscription for customers (we recommend using Stripe).
  4. Create a free Trello account and invite clients to submit their design requests.
  5. Three options for handling design work: a. If you're a skilled designer, handle tasks yourself to retain full profits. b. Build your own creative team (the website already includes a careers section). c. Outsource to third-party services like KIMP, ensuring their fees are lower than your customer charges.
  6. Serve as the intermediary between clients and designers, managing updates on Trello.
  7. Provide clients with unlimited tasks and revisions, completed within a 48-hour timeframe.
  8. Scale the business according to your strategy and goals.


Webflow Hosting: $29/month

There is only one compulsory expense to operate your business:Webflow.

Webflow stands as a web design and no-code development platform, allowing us to craft this responsive website for you, all without the need for writing code. This approach ensures your ability to effortlessly personalise your site once you're at the helm.

With Webflow, you join the ranks of over 200,000 trusted organisations, and we can now add you to that list. We firmly believe that Webflow is a platform primed for growth, which is why we've made the exclusive shift from Shopify and Wix to Webflow for all our operations in 2023.

🔗 Create Free Webflow account


How to promote an unlimited creativedesign agency? Think local!

The best thing you can do is to market locally, as this is a non-exclusive business. Instead of trying to find customers everywhere, and potentially getting overwhelmed, you’d be more successful selling to one location. Dominate the local market. This is how…

→ Main marketing strategies:

  1. Direct email outreach: Email local businesses, build rapport and sell them your design services
  2. Local SEO: Optimize your website for local search to appear in local listings and Google Maps. Claim and optimize your Google My Business profile for enhanced visibility.
  3. Social Media Marketing: Use platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and X to engage with the local community.
  4. Email Marketing: Build an email list and send out newsletters with design tips, local news, and special offers.
  5. Local Advertising: Sponsoring, or ads, on the local radio, newspaper and directories. You can also sponsor local events.
  6. Manage a blog to be found online: When a local customer searches for "logo design", make sure you're there! Our marketing bundle expansion pack includes a blog with 150x pre-written articles (available at checkout)

→ Other marketing ideas:

  • Local business partnerships
  • Referral program: Pay for each referral
  • Networking with local businesses and business owners
  • Influencer marketing on social media
  • Webinars online and workshops locally
  • Hand out flyers and business cards to local businesses
  • Direct mail
  • Community engagement
  • Enter local business and design awards
  • Press release:Send to your local newspaper and bloggers
  • Special launch offers and discounts
  • Online directories
  • Local Chamber of Commerce membership
  • Join local entrepreneur / business communities and hangouts


The fastest way to make your first sale

Start by reaching out to your friends and close-knit circle. We've integrated a 'Buy Me a Coffee' button in the footer of your website, allowing your friends and family to support you without having to purchase your design services. It's a fantastic way to raise funds for your initial setup costs.


How to customize your new store?

Effortlessly transform our non-exclusive website design into a one-of-a-kind creation tailored exclusively for you.

Since this business has a non-exclusive design, allowing others to purchase the same store, it's essential to think about personalising it to differentiate yourself. Let's delve into how you can achieve this and discover just how straightforward it can be. You can effortlessly modify the store's colour palette, font selection, images, and almost any of the text, all without the need for coding.

If you are a designer, you should consider replacing the "our work" section of the store with your own portfolio to showcase your talents.

Note that you don't have to personalise anything, you can leave everything as is.


We have created a miniseries on YouTube to explain what you need to know:

Please note that we are not available for bespoke builds or custom alterations. Please refer to Fiverr, Upwork or Webflow Experts to find a variety of Webflow developers who may be able to assist. Thank you for your understanding


You have just bought the business. What happens now?

We have streamlined the business ownership-to-launch process to be as easy as possible to get your store off the ground as quickly as humanly possible.

  1. Click "Buy" now.
  2. Set up a Free Webflow account and provide us with your Webflow account email when prompted to do so at checkout
  3. We will transfer your new business to your Webflow account within 12 hours
  4. Create an account with a payment provider, such as Stripe or PayPal, or choose another that suits your needs
  5. Feel free to customize or edit the store to your liking
  6. Subscribe to the Webflow plan ($29/month), then launch your new business.
  7. Time to find customers.


No Earnings Projections, Promises Or Guarantees

Startup Streams does not accept liability if your business or store fails to make sales.

Success typically depends on your previous experience, budget for marketing, niche and know-how.You recognise and agree that we have made no implications, warranties, promises, suggestions, projections, representations or guarantees whatsoever to you about future prospects or earnings, or that you will earn any money, with respect to your purchase of any Startup Streams product and/or services.

Any earnings or income statements, or any case studies or examples, are only estimates of what we think you could earn. There is no assurance you will do as well as stated in any examples.

You must accept the entire risk of not doing as well as the information provided. There is no assurance that any prior successes or past results as to earnings or income will apply, nor can any prior successes be used, as an indication of your future success or results from any of the information, content, or strategies. Any and all claims or representations of income or earnings must not be considered as average earnings.

Startup Streams provides pre-made businesses as tools for the end member or customer to use, but the probability of success is solely down to the individual.


Read Terms and Conditions

Read Privacy Policy

Read Cookie Policy


Questions and answers

Q: Who is this business for?

A: This business is tailored for individuals seeking online income opportunities, those with the urge to be their own boss. Whether you are an employed designer looking to start your own venture, a budding entrepreneur looking for your first gig or a seasoned pro looking to expand your portfolio, this business is suitable for you to own the scale today.

Q: Can the pricing be altered?

A: Absolutely, you have the freedom to set your own prices. Just ensure your profit margin remains healthy.

Q: Can the currency of the store be changed?

A: Yes, you can change it to any currency you prefer as you'll deal with all payment through your preferred payment / invoice provider. We recommend Stripe or PayPal.

Q: Is it possible to add more blog posts?

A: If you purchase our Ultimate Marketing Bundle Pack at checkout, yes, of course! This is available to add to your store at checkout. Remember, content is king.

Q: What’s the refund policy?

A: Since all our products are digital assets, refunds, whether partial or full, for any transferred assets, websites, or entities are not available under any circ*mstances. Thank you for your understanding.

Q: Can I sell my business?

A: Should you decide to sell a business purchased from us, please note that we restrict the sale to one business per individual. Meaning, if you acquire this business once, you won't be eligible to purchase the same store again in the future. This policy is in place to prevent people from reselling our stores without first developing them into valuable, sellable assets. To meet the criteria for selling your business, it should have been on an active Webflow plan for at least 6 months, maintain a sales record, and have a linked domain name.

Unlimited Business Cards Design - Unlimited Design On Demand (2024)


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