Trial of the Ancestors League 3.22 Guides, Updates & More! - POE (2024)

Path of Exile's 3.22 Trial of the Ancestors begins this Friday and to prepare we have several new League Starter guides to get you started! Along with the new guides, our existing build guides have been updated to the new patch as well as our currency farming guides. Let's dive into the updates below!

Build Guides

League Starters

  • *NEW* Boneshatter Juggernaut
  • Boneshatter Slayer
  • Cold DoT Elementalist
  • Corrupting Fever Champion
  • Explosive Arrow Ballista
  • *NEW* Hexblast Mines Saboteur
  • *NEW* Ice Shot Deadeye
  • Impending Doom Occultist
  • *NEW* Impending Doom Pathfinder
  • *NEW* Lightning Arrow Deadeye
  • Maw of Mischief
  • Toxic Rain Pathfinder


  • *NEW* Boneshatter Juggernaut (Coming Soon)
  • *NEW* Cobra Lash Deadeye
  • Corrupting Fever Champion
  • Explosive Trap Saboteur
  • *NEW* Ignite Vortex Elementalist
  • *NEW* Lightning Arrow Deadeye
  • Poison Summon Raging Spirits
  • Righteous Fire Juggernaut


  • *NEW* Arc/Storm Brand Scion
  • Ethereal Knives Ignite
  • Lightning Strike Champion
  • Poison Spark Occultist
  • *NEW* Poison Spark Pathfinder
  • Static Strike Slayer
  • Tornado Shot Deadeye
  • Venom Gyre Deadeye

New League Starters

Picking a build can be one of the hardest parts of a new league in Path of Exile, it's often overwhelming, so our guides walk you through the leveling process and gearing using Milestones! For Trial of the Ancestors we've updated our existing League Starters and added several new options including some of the hot new meta starters!

Boneshatter Juggernaut

The Boneshatter Juggernaut League Starter is an unstoppable force of skull crushing Rage combined with an immovable chunk of steel, tanking and obliterating everything in reach. This Boneshatter Juggernaut build is designed to start a fresh league with, meaning you can start from having no currency and clear all the content.

Ice Shot Deadeye

The Ice Shot Deadeye League Starter makes use of the recently added Vaal Ice Shot to add great single target, as well as additional arrows for great screen coverage of crispy freezes.

Impending Doom Pathfinder

The Impending Doom Pathfinder League Starter Curses enemies, Poisoning them and causing a chain reaction of Chaos proliferation to melt the entire screen in a very satisfying manner.

Lightning Arrow Deadeye

The Lightning Arrow Deadeye League Starter is a mapping beast capable of farming at high efficiency with a mid-range budget. If you want a fast build that fires countless projectiles which Chain through every enemy this is the build for you!

Hexblast Mines Saboteur

The Hexblast Mines Saboteur is a League start All-rounder that excels at having high damage across the board, at every level of gear. It maps well, while having more than enough damage to take down all end game bosses. If you want a build that fills the whole screen with purple explosions, look no further!

New Midgame & Endgame Builds

We expanded our pool of midgame & endgame guides over the last few weeks. Once you get through you League Starter check out some of the new options we have to progress further into the fray. We've also brought back some old favorites updating them for Trial of the Ancestors.

Cobra Lash Deadeye

Cobra Lashis an often misunderstood skill, and for good reason! The gem first rewards scaling critical strikes and Poison. Poison and critical strikes currently do not pair well, but there is much more to this skill. Cobra Lash has inbuilt Chaos conversion, and enemies naturally have less Chaos Resistance than Elemental Resistance.

Ignite Vortex Elementalist

The IgniteVortex Elementalist is an ice skater, flying through the rink that isDelirium Orbmapping. This build clears maps withVortexon Left Mouse Button, allowing you to focus completely onShield Chargeand looting quickly.

Righteous Fire Juggernaut

Righteous Fire Juggernaut is a Path of Exile classic. The build leverages Juggernaut's defenses for a comfy playstyle, throw a fewFire Trapsand Pinnacle Bosses won't be an issue either. Mapping more your thing? Explosions are fun, betweenLegacy of FuryandOriath's Endthe build has explosive clear speed!

Poison Spark Occultist

ThePhantasmal Spark Occultist is an endgame all rounder capable of taking on the toughest content in the game. Thanks toProfane Bloomexplosion chains it is able to provide satisfying clear unmatched by any other Ascendancy.Phantasmal Sparkmechanically behaves exceptionally well in smaller arenas, as the projectiles bounce around, hitting a single target multiple times per cast.

Lightning Arrow Deadeye

TheLightning ArrowDeadeye is a great mid-budget ranged bow build that stacks Life Regeneration to achieve a high uptime onBerserk.

It is a mapping beast capable of farming at high efficiency with a mid-range budget. If you want a build that fires countless projectiles that chain through every enemy while moving at very high speeds this is the build for you!

Arc / Storm Brand Archmage Scion

TheArc / Storm Brand Archmage Scionis a well-rounded character that excels in defenses but is still able to do all content, including all Uber Pinnacle Bosses.

Poison Spark Pathfinder

PoisonPhantasmal SparkPathfinder is a well-rounded monster suitable for all content. The build focuses on quality of life, ensuring it feels good to play wherever possible. Luckily, Pathfinder excels at this, if you've ever played with aMageblood, Pathfinder feels similar by enhancing Flask uptime and potency. Fill your screen with Sparks to clear enemies and take down Uber Bosses!

Twink Leveling

Not all leveling takes place at league start so if you want to level your 2nd build and beyond as efficiently as possible check out our newly revamped Twink Leveling Guides!

  • Scion Twink Leveling
  • Ranger Twink Leveling
  • Shadow Twink Leveling
  • Witch Twink Leveling
  • Templar Twink Leveling
  • Marauder Twink Leveling
  • Duelist Twink Leveling

Crafting & Currency Guides

Our crafting section has been overhauled and updated with new crafting guides for 3.22. Many of these crafting guides are tied directly to our build guides and can be found within them as well.

We've updated our currency farming menu and have added a new guide for Sanctum Farming! More updates coming to this section once the League starts and we can test out some strategies.

Hungry for More?

Check out these other resources below! Then head over to ourDiscordand select the Path of Exile role in #rolesto stay up to date with our content development. Stay sane, Exile!

Tips & Tricks

If you're looking to get better at Path of Exile check out Palsteron's video outlining 100 tips and tricks, there's sure to be something in there for everyone!

New, Updated Gems

3.22 Patch Notes

New Atlas Keystones

Written by: Facefoot

Reviewed by: Tenkiei

Trial of the Ancestors League 3.22 Guides, Updates & More! - POE (2024)


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