Top 5 concerts this week in Venice, Bradenton, Englewood, Port Charlotte (2024)

It's another relatively quiet week for concerts in Sarasota, Manatee and Charlotte counties, both with the general slowdown of events that starts in May, and much of the events that are taking place this week revolving around the Memorial Day holiday. Yet that doesn't mean live music lovers will be left out to dry — in fact, there'll be two music festivals taking place this weekend, one on Memorial Day itself.

A long-running blues music festival will be held for one last year at its original location on the Myakka River in Venice, while an inaugural Pride event in Bradenton will feature a lineup of up-and-coming bands from Tampa and Sarasota. Other notable concerts include a Blues Music Award-nominated performer who released his first album on renowned blues label Alligator Records earlier this year, playing one of our area's top blues spots. Here are this week's highlights. Event details are subject to change.

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Hymn for Her

Top 5 concerts this week in Venice, Bradenton, Englewood, Port Charlotte (2)

After releasing the new album "Bloodier than Blood" earlier this year, and shortly before embarking on a series of European dates, Sarasota alt-Americana act Hymn for Her will play a show at Bradenton's Cottonmouth. Featuring husband and wife Wayne Waxing and Lucy Tight — and recently expanding the lineup to include their daughter, Diver — the group is no stranger to performing abroad, playingEngland's massive music festival Glastonburyin 2017.Their other accomplishments include RollingStonenaming the track "Blue Balloons" from their 2018 album "Pop-n-Downers" one of the 10 bestcountry and Americana songs of the week.7 p.m. Saturday; Cottonmouth Southern Soul Kitchen, 1114 12th St. W., Bradenton; 941-243-3735;

John Salaway

Top 5 concerts this week in Venice, Bradenton, Englewood, Port Charlotte (3)

That same Saturday night, Cottonmouth's sister restaurant/music venue Birdrock Taco Shack will feature singer-songwriter John Salaway, who'll also play Port Charlotte's The Twisted Fork the following day. Raised in Sarasota County, Salaway is now based in the music hub of Nashville. His most recent album, 2021's "Salvation," featured him collaborating with other musicians including Foo Fighters keyboardist Rami Jaffee and former Cage the Elephant member Lincoln Parish. 7 p.m. Saturday; Birdrock Taco Shack, 1213 13th Ave. W., Bradenton; 941-545-9966;; Noon Sunday; The Twisted Fork, 2208 El Jobean Road, Port Charlotte; 941-235-3675;

Friendly City Pride Festival

Top 5 concerts this week in Venice, Bradenton, Englewood, Port Charlotte (4)

Shortly before the kickoff of Pride Month in June, Bradenton's Oscura will hold this inaugural Pride event featuring live music by up-and-coming area bands. Those include Tampa alternative pop rock group Peace Cult, whose cover of "Take Me Away" from the 2003 Disney film "Freaky Friday" currently has more than 8 million Spotify plays, as well as Sarasota's experimental pop rock band The Tilt and electro-rock-synth-pop group MeteorEYES, whose members include Shannon Fortner, executive director and founder of fellow festival Be Fabulous Music & Arts Pride Fest. Tampa queer indie rockers Sorry Barb and Sarasota alt-rockers Now In Color will also perform. 3-10 p.m. Sunday; Oscura, 816 Manatee Ave. E., Bradenton; free; 941-201-4950;

Myakka River Blues Festival

Top 5 concerts this week in Venice, Bradenton, Englewood, Port Charlotte (5)

With its lease recently extended through April 2025, Myakka River spot Snook Haven will hold its annual Memorial Day blues music festival one more year at its original location. Gainesville's Bridget Kelly Band, who competed in the semifinals at last year's International Blues Challenge representing North Central Florida Blues Society, will headline this year's event. They'll be joined by St. Pete's Backtrack Blues Band, who are signed to Mike Zito's Gulf Coast Records and released the album "A Day by the Bay" on the label, and the Delta Swamp Rats, comprising Steve Arvey, Tony Smith and Aaron Fowler. 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday; Snook Haven, 5000 E. Venice Ave., Venice; $35, $50 with commemorative T-shirt (sold out as of press time); 941-485-7221;

Chris O'Leary Band

Top 5 concerts this week in Venice, Bradenton, Englewood, Port Charlotte (6)

After releasing his latest album "The Hard Line" on esteemed Chicago blues label Alligator Records earlier this year, singer-songwriter and harmonica player Chris O'Leary will return to Englewoods on Dearborn this week. Prior to his solo career, O’Leary spent six years fronting the blues group the Barn Burners alongside the late great The Band drummer-singer Levon Helm. He then struck out on his own with the 2010 album “Mr. Used to Be,” which was nominated for a Best New Artist Debut Blues Music Award and won a New Artist Debut Release Blues Blast Music Award.6:30 p.m. Thursday, May 30; Englewoods on Dearborn, 362 W. Dearborn St., Englewood; $7; 941-475-7501;

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Top 5 concerts this week in Venice, Bradenton, Englewood, Port Charlotte (2024)


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