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What is the Necropolis League?

In Path of Exile: Necropolis, you will help Undertaker Arimor lay the spirits of the Eternal Empire to rest and experiment with their souls to create powerful items.

This Path of Exile expansion introduces the Necropolis Challenge League with the following content:

  • Many changed to the endgame
  • New Tier 17 Maps
  • New Bosses
  • New Transfigured Gems
  • Additional Atlas Trees
  • Reworked Endgame Content
  • New Gems
  • New Supporter Packs

When will the Necropolis League Launch?

You will be able to experience the new Path of Exile Necropolis League on March 29th (PDT) for PC, Mac and Consoles.

What is the Necropolis League Mechanic?

In the Necropolis League, the wrathful spirits have begun to haunt the monsters of Wraeclast, unleashing their ancient fury and sorrow onto the world. The Undertaker provides you with the Lantern of Arimor, a powerful family heirloom which illuminates the spirits haunting monsters throughout Wraeclast. With it, the Undertaker hopes to employ you to rid Wraeclast of this menace – and further his cryptic cause.

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The Lantern of Arimor

When playing the Necropolis League players will come across the Lantern of Arimor that is provided by the Undertaker. When you peer through the Lantern you can examine the Spirits that haunt Wreaclast. The Lantern will allow you to manipulate the Spirits and configure which monsters they haunt. Take your time with your decisions as the Spirits are not forgiving!

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Bury the Dead

In the Necropolis league players come across the cemetery where the Undertaker performs mysterious soul experiments into powerful items. Take the corpses of haunted monsters to the Necropolis and bury them in the many graves of the cemetery. When you exorcise them you forge items from their souls.

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Perform Powerful Exorcisms

When you bury the many Haunted monsters strategically you can get a vast combination of different crafting modifiers to Exorcise them for the perfect item. You can also create new Unique items by Exorcising family members of famous Eternal Empire bloodlines.

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Powerful Foes Beget Powerful rewards

Defeating Haunted monsters causes you to find areas with monsters that are blessed by Devoted Spirits. Devoted Spirits cause monsters to grant you a wide variety of different rewards, such as dropping more and better items, spawning Shrines that grant buffs, and allowing you to find an NPC that gives you a Unique Item.

The Necropolis expansion also introduces 14 new Unique Items, 5 of which are exclusive to the Necropolis League.

For more information about the new Unique items please head over to our dedicated Unique item page you find here

Embers of the Allflame

In the Necropolis League, you can find special monster packs that are trapped within Embers of the Allflame. When you place these in the Lantarn of Arimor you will encounter abnormal monsters that have special rewards.

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Face a new tier of Endgame Difficulty

In the Necropolis League, we will see a new tier of Endgame Difficulty that will test your characters in new ways by conquering Tier 17 Maps. These new maps have also a new set of Bosses, many more powerful monsters, new layouts and new rewards. You can access the absolute pinnacle of Path of Exile’s most difficult bosses by completing these maps and proving your worth as the hero of Wreaclast.

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Unlock Additional Atlas Trees

In this expansion, unlock access to multiple Atlas passive skill trees, allowing you to push your end-game experience to its maximum potential. As you advance through the Atlas, earn up to two additional trees and choose your desired play style for each endgame map.

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Reworked Endgame Content Systems

Scarabs, which can be used to improve your endgame maps, have been redesigned. A host of new options have been added, providing ways to take the challenges and rewards of the Endgame map to the next level.

The Atlas passive skill tree has also been improved, providing more access to content in more ways than ever before.

New Gems

Path of Exile: Necropolis contains new skill and support gems, as well as many new transformation gems. Automate your battlecry and instant spells with summoned weapons and automation abilities, and enhance your wand attacks with the support of the Holy Elf. If you’ve been waiting for transfigured versions of your favourite abilities, you can now play with exciting new variants of Poison, Tornado, Ice Shot, and more.

For more information about the new Transfigured gems please head over to our dedicated gem page you find here

Patch Notes

GGG has posted the patch notes for the Necropolis league, you can find them here

[3.24] Necropolis League (PoE Necropolis 3.24) (2024)


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