24 Keto Thanksgiving Recipes for a Guilt-Free Holiday Season! (2024)

Thanksgiving is my absolute favourite holiday. The perfect crisp fall weather, family gatherings, and of course, delicious food. If you’re on the keto diet, you may be nervous about what you can eat over the holidays, but rest assured that you can still enjoy a mouthwatering keto Thanksgiving! There are plenty of keto Thanksgiving recipes you can indulge in while keeping your diet on track. If you have the determination and power to stick with it, you’ll get through the holiday with ease! Check out these ketogenic Thanksgiving recipes for a guilt-free holiday!

What is the Keto Diet?

If you’re not familiar with the keto diet, allow me to introduce you. One of the most talked-about diets right now, the keto diet is a high fat, low carb diet that helps your body burn fat instead of glucose. You’re aiming to get your body into a state called ketosis, a natural process that helps us survive when food intake is low. During ketosis we produce ketones in the liver to be used as energy and fuel throughout the body, including the brain.

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On the keto diet, your body is fuelled almost entirely on fat, which helps you lose weight. It also has many other benefits including boosting your mental alertness, decreasing inflammation, increasing energy, and minimizing diseases such as heart disease, cancer and migraines.

How to Get Started on the Keto Diet

If you want to be successful on the keto diet, there are a few things you should do before you get started.

1. Know Your Motivation
Many people fail at diets because they forget their motivation or their “why” isn’t strong enough. Dig deep to figure out why you need the keto diet in your life and how it will change your life for the better. When you know your why, it will be much easier to stick to the diet when times get tough.

2. Do Your Research
You also want to make sure you know exactly what the keto diet is. Learn about ketosis and what is does to your body and how it leads to all of its benefits. Once you understand how it works, it will be easier to remember what you can and can’t eat.

3. Purge Your Fridge and Cupboards
Get rid of any food and drinks in your house that aren’t keto-friendly. Out of sight, out of mind! It’s much easier not to give into temptation when there’s no bad-for-you food around, so do yourself a favour and do a purge!

4. Fill Your Fridge with Keto-Approved Foods
Check out the list in this post of what you can and can’t eat on the keto diet so you know what you can fill your fridge and cupboards back up with! Then you can start creating keto recipes!

5. Meal Plan
Creating and sticking to a weekly meal plan is a great way to maintain your healthy eating and weight loss goals, and if you find it challenging to figure out what to eat (and when to eat it) while on the keto diet, Tasteaholics offers weekly meal plans delivered straight to your inbox. Sign-up for your free 7-day trial HERE.

4 Tips for Staying Keto over the Holidays

Staying keto over the holidays isn’t always easy, especially if you’re eating meals at your friends’ and family’s homes. But nothing is impossible, especially if you have will power! Check out these tips to help you through the holiday season.

1. Stick to Meat and Low Carb Vegetables
The great thing about the keto diet is you can still eat meat, which is the star of Thanksgiving feasts! Focus your attention on meat and low carb vegetables to fill you up and you won’t even be hungry for all the bad-for-you stuff!

2. Skip Stuffing, Bread, and High Carb/Sugar Desserts
Pass on the stuffing, don’t reach for the bread and don’t even think about looking over at the dessert table (unless you know there’s a keto dessert, of course!). Think about the fact that you only have to say “no” for a few hours. Once you’ve gotten through dinner and dessert you’re in the clear, and you’ll be so proud of yourself!

3. Alert the Host
Don’t try to hide the fact that you’re on the keto diet. It will be a lot easier to stick to the keto diet if you alert the host ahead of time so they can make adjustments.

4. Offer a Helping Hand
When it comes to holiday meals, they’re often potluck-style, so make sure to offer to bring something keto and delicious. The more dishes you contribute, the more options you’ll have to choose from.

Now that you know the best tips to staying keto over the holidays, here are 24 keto Thanksgiving recipes to indulge in!

7 Keto Thanksgiving Appetizers

1. Bacon Wrapped Asparagus | Moscato Mom
2. Cheesy Cheddar Bites | Butter is Not a Carb
3. Sausage and Cranberry Stuffed Mushrooms with Sage | Wholesomelicious
4. Easy Buffalo Chicken Dip | Keto Connect
5. Turkey Meatballs | A Healthy Life for Me
6. Low-Carb Zucchini Parmesan Chips | I Save A to Z
7. Best Ever Stuffed Mushrooms | Taste of Home

7 Keto Thanksgiving Side Dishes

1. Cauliflower Stuffing | Delish
2. Bacon Parmesan Green Beans | Six Sisters Stuff
3. Sweet Potato and Kale Gratin | Amelia’s Kitchen
4. Mushroom, Bacon and Cauliflower Casserole | Do You Even Paleo?
5. Sausage and Herb Stuffing | Food Network
5. Low Carb Gravy | Very Well Fit
6. Sugar-Free Cranberry Sauce | All Day I Dream About Food
7. Mashed Cauliflower | Mel Joulwan

5 Keto Thanksgiving Mains

1. Simple Herb and Garlic Roasted Turkey Breast | Flavor the Moments
2. Easy Crock-Pot Ham | Practical Stewardship
3. Proscuitto-Wrapped Whole Roasted Beef Tenderloin | I Breathe, I’m Hungry
4. Lemon Garlic Roast Chicken | Meatified
5. Easy Brined Smoked Turkey Breast | My Life Cookbook

5 Keto Thanksgiving Desserts

1. Crustless Low-Carb Pumpkin Pie | Low Carb, So Simple
2. Chocolate Chip Cookie Cheesecake Bars | All Day I Dream About Food
3. Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake Bites | Keto Connect
4. Maple Walnut Scones | Low Carb Maven
5. Pumpkin Pie Pudding | I Breathe, I’m Hungry

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You don’t have to feel deprived for keto Thanksgiving! Whip up these recipes and enjoy a guilt-free holiday!

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24 Keto Thanksgiving Recipes for a Guilt-Free Holiday Season! (2024)


How do you survive Thanksgiving on keto? ›

Here are some easy tips and swaps to keep keto this Thanksgiving while still enjoying those traditional favorites:
  1. Consider time-restricted eating (TRE). ...
  2. Eat off a salad plate. ...
  3. Choose dark meat over white meat. ...
  4. Stuffing swap. ...
  5. Sugar-free cranberry sauce. ...
  6. Sweet potato casserole. ...
  7. Mashed potatoes and gravy.
Nov 22, 2021

Should I break keto for Thanksgiving? ›

If you're unfamiliar with a keto diet, here's the quick explanation: It's extremely low in carbohydrates and high in fat. Meat, including turkey with skin, is fine to consume, but other Thanksgiving staples aren't. Mashed potatoes are off limits, along with bread stuffing, rolls, sugary cranberry sauce and desserts.

When should I quit keto? ›

Here Are Signs The Keto Diet Is Not Fit For You
  1. Reasons the keto diet is just not for you:
  2. The diet affects your relationship with food.
  3. You are eating too many cheat meals.
  4. You feel sick.
  5. Irregularity is periods.
  6. You are not losing enough weight.
Aug 17, 2022

What do people miss most on keto? ›

As you can see, bread is by far the food people miss the most, followed by dessert/sweets and beer. Below are our best suggestions for low-carb versions of these foods.

What is the hardest day of keto? ›

1.The First 10 Days May Be The Toughest

Before starting, you should be aware that if you drop carbs cold-turkey, the first few days you will most likely experience symptoms of your body adjusting to lack of glucose. Many people starting off keto will go through this and it's often referred to as the “Keto Flu”.

How many carbs will stop ketosis? ›

Eating more than 50 grams of carbs may disrupt ketosis.

Some people can eat more and still stay in ketosis, whereas others may need to restrict their carb intake more in order to stay in ketosis.

Will one slice of pizza leave ketosis? ›

Regular Crust

This type of pizza crust can have up to 33g of carbs without any added sauce or cheese. If you're limiting your carbs to 20-50 grams per day, one slice of this type of crust will likely kick you out of ketosis.

What is keto on Thanksgiving? ›

A few general tips for making your Thanksgiving keto-friendly: Swap out mashed potatoes for mashed cauliflower, nix adding any flour to thicken recipes like green bean casserole or creamed spinach, and load up on the low-carb veggies like Brussels sprouts, spaghetti squash, and mushrooms.

What happens when you quit keto cold turkey? ›

Generally, the body is used to the regular consumption of carbohydrates, so the sudden change in diet can cause the body to react. The most common side effects of suddenly stopping a keto diet include fatigue, headaches, nausea, digestive issues, increased appetite and cravings, sugar cravings, and mood swings.

How do people survive on keto? ›

Think About Protein

You should watch your protein intake as overeating protein can easily take your body out of ketosis. Think of your ratios and try to have smaller portions or fattier portions of meat. Plant-based alternatives can also be a good way to ensure you're not over-consuming protein.

How can I go on keto without starving? ›

Make sure you are eating enough fat. Being much more energy-dense than carbohydrates, fats are also more satiating. They will also ensure that you stay in ketosis. Increase the size of your meals with nutrient-dense foods.


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